Lyon Living “Pumpkin Patch” Additional Monitoring Well Project Description

Lyon is requesting a Local Coastal Development Permit to drill one (1) additional groundwater monitoring well to further determine the extent of contaminants from the historic landfill.

The purpose of the groundwater monitoring well is to provide additional downgradient data on various pollutants associated with the historical landfill on site. A 2015 update to the Phase I & II Reports for the site recommended that additional data to better characterize the vertical and horizontal extent of contaminants be conducted.  Lyon has again engaged Advanced Environmental Concepts (AEC) to write a work plan for the installation of this additional monitoring well. AEC had previously installed five wells that are still being monitored.  As a result AEC has suggested that this additional well be installed to complete their understanding of the contaminants location.  The work plan will be approved by the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) prior to initiating work. The work plan consists of drilling one additional boring at the property. For the location of the proposed well, please see “Exhibit A”, Location of Proposed Additional Monitoring Well.  Glenn Lukos Associates (GLA) evaluated the potential extent of impacts associated with this effort to any potential sensitive habitat and concluded that it will not adversely impact any sensitive habitat.  Additionally, GLA will clearly identify any potential areas of biological sensitivity to be avoided by AEC while they are on site.

The project will take approximately 1 day to drill the borings, collect the soil samples, and install the monitoring well. An additional day will be required to collect groundwater samples. The following equipment will be used: 1 drill rig will be moved on site to drill the boring; 2 service trucks, and a trailer. Well readings will be collected once every 3 months requiring one employee to come onto the site to record readings and check the wells. The wells will be maintained on site for approximately 2 years.

The public hearing will be heard by the Zoning Administrator Monday April 10th 2pm, 7th floor conference room of City Hall, 333 West Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA.

If approved the data will be made available on the RWQCB’s website, GeoTracker, 

EXHIBIT A- Pumpkin Patch

Notice of Public Hearing Zoning Administrator