Four properties, one invaluable vision, from southeast Long Beach to the greater community

All four sites are necessary to turn this remarkable dream into reality.

Synergy Site

154 gross acres

The Synergy site is bounded by Pacific Coast Highway, 2nd Street, Studebaker Road and the Los Cerritos Channel.

The southern portion of the property is an active, privately-owned oil field, which includes 39 oil wells, tanks, pipelines and other oil related facilities.  The Bixby Oil Field office building is also located here.  The northern portion of the property consists of existing degraded wetlands habitat and includes Steamshovel Slough.

The Synergy site is owned by Los Cerritos Wetlands, LLC, and is operated by Synergy Oil & Gas, LLC.


5 gross acres

The LCWA site is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of 2nd Street and Studebaker Road.

It was used by Southern California Edison (SCE) as a retention basin. In 2001, SCE dedicated the property to the State Coastal Conservancy, who, in 2007, dedicated it to LCWA so that they could become stewards of the property. It’s currently undeveloped and being used for temporary equipment storage and staging.

LCWA remains the current owner of this property.

City-Owned Property

Long Beach City 33 Looking West

33 gross acres

The City property is bounded by Shopkeeper Road, 2nd Street, the San Gabriel River and undeveloped property.

It’s currently leased to LCW Oil Operations, LLC for oil production; Synergy Oil & Gas, LLC operates the oil production facilities. There are 13 oil wells, as well as tanks, pipelines and other oil related facilities on the site.

Pumpkin Patch

7 gross acres

Pumpkin Patch is bounded by Pacific Coast Highway, the San Gabriel River, and undeveloped properties.

The site is primarily vacant and used for seasonal sales of pumpkins and Christmas trees. Approximately two acres of sensitive habitat and degraded wetlands are located in the northeastern area of the property, where there is also one active oil well.

Lyon Living is the current owner of the Pumpkin Patch property.

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