Oil Consolidation

From 187 acres to 10 acres, reducing our footprint by almost 95%

Key elements of the plan

Remove 95% of the 88,000 linear feet of above-ground pipeline within 3 years of receiving entitlements and permits.

Remove the existing 19 tanks from the Synergy Oil site and the City property within 3 years of receiving entitlements and permits.

Replace old, outdated technology—some facilities date back decades—with new modern technology that is:


Old pump jacks are above ground and there is the possibility of a leak, which would spill onto the site

New oil wells are contained in well cellars, providing spill containment


Current oil operations rely on decades old equipment

Today’s safety features include: emergency automated shut off systems, gas and fire detection systems, fire suppression systems, monitoring and communications systems, uninterrupted power supplies and blow-out prevention systems

Less Visible/More Aesthetic

Old pump jacks are above ground

Oil Well Cellar

New wells are contained in well cellars which are below ground and not visible from off-site

More Energy Efficient

Old wells do not have Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs)

The new wells will have Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) which are more efficient (by using less electricity) than traditional pumping jacks

The new facilities will be designed to today’s standards with numerous safety features, including spill containment, which will capture spilled liquids and rainwater on-site, with no off-site drainage.

A prosperous future for a historic landmark.