The Promise

Reinvesting in Long Beach for the long term

Four cornerstones of success: restore a major portion of the wetlands, make more land more accessible, reduce oil production footprint, and boost our local economy.


  • Restore 76 acres of degraded wetlands habitat on a privately-owned oil field.

  • Assist the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority (LCWA) in accomplishing its purpose “…to provide for a comprehensive program of acquisition, protection, conservation, restoration, maintenance and operation and environmental enhancement of the Los Cerritos Wetlands area…” by providing for the eventual transfer of a 154-acre, privately-owned oil field into LCWA’s ownership, with a Visitor’s Center, and a new public access trail through a land exchange.
  • Remain consistent with Coastal Act goals of habitat restoration and protection, improved public access opportunities, and protection of coastal dependent energy development.

Access & Beautification

  • Create new public access opportunities within the restored wetlands habitat to include a Visitor’s Center and perimeter trail on the Synergy site, as well as sidewalks and bike lanes adjacent to the Project.
  • Provide landscaping and other design features to enhance the gateway entry points to the City of Long Beach for improvement over existing industrial conditions.

Oil Consolidation

  • Reduce the existing oil production by 75% upon receipt of building permits for the proposed office building on the Pumpkin Patch site
  • Reduce the oil production footprint from 187 acres, to 10 acres on two nearby properties, while making available the former oil field for wetlands restoration, public access uses, and future transfer of ownership to the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority (LCWA).
  • More efficiently produce oil from the Seal Beach Oil Field.


  • Provide increased revenue to the City of Long Beach from oil production from approximately $50,000 annually, up to $4,000,000 based on current projections.
“During the 8 years that I served as Mayor, it was a dream to restore the Los Cerritos Wetlands.  We took the first steps by having some parcels placed into public hands.  This project represents the last piece of the puzzle.  It will enable restoration of valuable wetlands, provide a beautiful gateway to our city, and allow for a close-up view of the natural environment.  This project is 15 years in the making and will be the jewel of the Long Beach area.”

Robert “Bob” Foster, Former Mayor of Long Beach

“Growing up around the Los Cerritos Wetlands, I learned early on how important it is to protect our open spaces. This morning I went kayaking along the banks, reminding me of how fortunate we are to live in a community where big city luxuries and sprawling natural sanctuaries can exist side by side. I welcome these latest efforts to restore and preserve this ecological gem for generations to come.”

Patrick O’Donnell, Assemblymember 70th District

“Every morning I look out my window and enjoy my  view of the Los Cerritos Wetlands.  I look forward to the area being restored and opened up to the public so that others can experience the beauty of the wetlands.”

Mike Donelon, Former City of Long Beach City Council Member and Current Resident of Belmont Shore Mobile Estates

“As a long time Long Beach resident, I’ve waited many years to see restoration of the Los Cerritos Wetlands.  My bucket list includes Synergy moving from the Bixby Ranch building and me sitting on the visitor center porch, so let’s get this started!

Bill Thomas, Resident of Alamitos Heights

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