Where public and private interests come together for the greater good

For the Environment

At the core of the Project is a passionate commitment to the environment. This rare opportunity makes what’s previously been impossible—possible: to restore the wetlands with proper planning and a commitment to restoration funding.

The Plan will:

  • Enhance the tidal connection within the Los Cerritos Wetlands, reinforcing the integrity of its self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • Restore vital habitat on the northerly 76 acres of the Synergy property.
  • Revegetate valuable wildlife habitat on the southerly 73 acres of the oil field following the removal and abandonment of the existing 39 wells and other oil production facilities over time.
  • Exchange LCWA’s 5-acre site for the 154-acre Synergy site, offering greater opportunities to restore and expand the wetlands.
  • Reduce the footprint of oil production facilities from 187 acres to 10 acres.

For the Public

A meaningful portion of the Los Cerritos Wetlands will be transferred from private to public ownership, providing the City with a unique asset in perpetuity.  

The Plan will:

  • Enhance public access and education by repurposing the historic Bixby Office building as the new Visitor’s Center, avoiding the cost of building a new facility at the LCWA site and eliminating the safety issue of visitors having to cross a major street to visit the wetlands.
  • Create a public trail in disturbed areas along the restored wetlands, providing controlled public access to the wetlands.
  • Provide new sidewalks and bike trails adjacent to the Project that connect with the greater City-wide trail network.
  • Continue to provide a source of revenue to the City of Long Beach from oil production. Based on projections, it is estimated that the Project will generate additional significant tax revenues for the City annually.
  • Provide short- and long-term employment opportunities.

For the LCWA  (Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority)

The Plan brings solutions to the LCWA they have long been seeking, providing the much-needed resources to help them realize their dream. By providing for the eventual transfer of a 154-acre, privately-owned oil field into LCWA’s ownership through an innovative land exchange, the Project will assist the LCWA in accomplishing its mission:

…to provide for a comprehensive program of acquisition, protection, conservation, restoration, maintenance and operation, and environmental enhancement of the Los Cerritos Wetlands area consistent with the goals of flood protection, habitat protection and restoration, and improved water supply, water quality, groundwater recharge and water conservation…

The Plan will:

  • Implement LCWA’s Conceptual Restoration Plan (CRP) Guidelines by adhering to the principles for future restoration efforts contained in the CRP.
  • Create a new Visitor’s Center and controlled public access trail.
  • Provide the LCWA with an endowment for the maintenance of the restoration area upon completion of the 5-year maintenance and monitoring period.

For the Community

Restoration of the wetlands allows for the unique opportunity to revitalize a Long Beach resource that will become one of the City’s and the community’s natural treasures.

The Plan will:

  • Greatly improve dramatic views into the wetlands area by removing tank farms, obsolete above-grade pipelines and unsightly oil pump jack rigs (the “horse heads” you now see) that are decades old.
  • Utilize the latest oil drilling technology, which is safer, more energy efficient and less visible from adjacent roadways.
  • Provide screened landscaping and other eco-friendly design features around the Pumpkin Patch and the LCWA site.
  • Enhance the gateway entry point to the City of Long Beach.
  • Increase City tax revenue from approximately $50,000 annually up to  approximately $4,000,000 based on current projections.

Restoring the wetlands, revitalizing Long Beach.